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Great doctor and human being, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. I really appreciate Dr. Gaurav Gupta for his constant support during COVID times as well. My uncle recovered from Liver cancer by the expert advise of Dr. Gupta. I am so glad we chose him as our consultant. The condition of my Uncle was really bad and he was unable to have liquids but now he is recovering and having solid meals. Thanks doctor for all your help. 🙏🙏

I am so happy to post this review for Dr. Gaurav, he is not only an Liver cancer specialist but also a kind human being. He treated my brother and provided mental support my entire family. I am grateful to you Dr. Gaurav

I was in my final semester of masters. I was having regular episodes of stomach pain. We consulted Dr. Gaurav Gupta after all the tests and when the reports came seeing all the the complications he guided us the best solution which will benefit me for the rest of life. I underwent surgery 3 months ago and today I am fit and fine doing all my work. He is not only the best liver surgeon but a great human too. He explained several times the consequences of my problem to mom and dad. And today I feel without your guidance sir it wouldn't be possible for us to take this decision. Dr. Gaurav Gupta and his whole team are just the finest doctors we have came across From the decision making of my operation to make me stand after the 1st day of surgery I can't describe it in words. I and my family would be thankful for the rest of my life.

It is my personal experience with Dr. Gaurav Gupta who has given a new life to my brother Muthayya P Devadiga in the critical time (Covid 19 pandemic) in the March/April 2020 and recently has carried out altogether three operations (surgery) successfully and prevented spreading further from cancer. He is a simple human being and his timely help saved the patient's life. He is very kind person and good surgeon. I pray almighty God bless him.

We love the engaged enthusiastic, intelligent, up-to-date management of my situation by Dr. Gaurav Gupta and his team of excellent professionals at Fortis, Mumbai. He is a fountain of information. Just because of him and his staff helping, this onerous process has been bearable to us. Do give him a visit if you are looking for one of the best Liver transplant in Mumbai. Dr. Gaurav Gupta Sir’s nature is very simple and very caring to the patient. Dr. Gaurav Gupta Sir is a very noble surgeon, his personality is very commendable, we appreciate his service. He is one of the best Liver Transplant Surgeon ever.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta has an extraordinary clinical sense, academically sound, and a great hepatobiliary surgeon. Above all, he is an excellent human being, humble and polite. Kudos to Dr. Gaurav Gupta and his efficient team.

One of my relatives underwent a Liver Transplant under Dr Gaurav Gupta at Fortis Mulund last month. Not only he discharged within 10 days from Hospital but also had a miraculous recovery within a month. He is really good in every aspect. Highly Recommend Dr. Gaurav for his extensive experience and expertise.

My wife Asha Bolar was a Cirrhosis patient and admitted to Fortis hospital Mulund on 14th March 2019 for liver transplant surgery. The surgery was very successful, carried out by an eminent liver surgeon in Mumbai Dr. Gaurav Gupta with his experienced team. I really appreciate Dr. Gaurav Gupta for his professional skills and organized system for making this surgery the most successful one Today after 4 months of surgery Asha has become a normal woman after suffering from this deadly disease for the past 5 years. The credit should go to Dr. Gaurav Gupta and his team for giving her a new lease of life.

Dr Gaurav Gupta & Dr Swapnil Sharma are the best liver transplant surgeon, yesterday it was one year of completing my dads liver transplant surgery. Dr Gaurav Gupta is extremely professional and had deep knowledge of the case. His team is also very professional as they guided us regarding the process and surgery. After undergoing surgery, the outcome is very good and we are very happy with the results.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta sir, Dr. Swapnil Sharma sir and their whole team of doctors and health care workers in Fortis hospital, Mulund provided us the best treatment and a reliable service. Such an expertise, be it clinical or hospitality is always recommendable and preferable. A huge gratitude towards the whole team.