Pediatric Liver Transplant in Mumbai

Dr. Gaurav Gupta is a renowned surgeon for Pediatric Liver Transplant in Mumbai. He has more than ten years of experience in performing liver transplants. Children with critical liver issues are recommended to have a pediatric liver transplant else they may lose their lives. Biliary atresia, liver cancer, liver tumors, and genetic liver diseases need immediate treatment and a healthy liver transplant to survive and live normally. In such liver complications, Dr. Gaurav Gupta is recommended for a liver transplant in Mumbai.

What is a liver transplant procedure?

A liver transplant is a surgery that replaces a diseased or a damaged liver with a healthy liver of another individual. The new liver can be from a deceased donor or a part of a liver of a healthy living donor. The living donor is generally a family member with a matching blood group. Part of the liver is taken from a living donor and transplanted into the recipient. As the liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself, the recipient of the liver and the donor can expect their livers to grow normally in a few weeks.

Why and when is a pediatric liver transplant suggested?

A pediatric liver transplant is suggested if the child is suffering from liver failure and is likely to lose his or her life. Liver diseases and conditions such as – liver cancer, biliary atresia in newborn babies, sudden or acute liver failure due to an autoimmune disease, Wilsons Disease, an overload of medicines, hemochromatosis (excess iron in the body), and alpha-1 anti-trypsin and other metabolic and genetic diseases like PFIC can damage the liver severely leading to liver failure. Pediatricians and liver specialists recommend liver transplants in such babies to survive and live a normal, healthy life.


Dr. Gaurav Gupta, one of Mumbai’s leading liver transplant surgeons, suggests that a pediatric liver transplant can help the child recover and live a normal life provided prescribed medicines are taken, and precautions are followed. The doctor is an expert in Living donor Liver Transplant, Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy, and Pancreas Transplant.

Risks associated with Pediatric liver transplant surgery:

Like any other organ transplant surgery, pediatric liver transplant surgery has its share of risk and complications, which are

  • The body’s immune system can reject the new liver
  • Leakage of bile or blocked bile ducts
  • The liver may not function temporarily after the surgery
  • Infection and bleeding
  • The new liver is likely to face blockage of blood vessels.

Patient evaluation and suitability

The liver transplant surgeon will physically examine the child and assess the child’s suitability through various tests such as CT scans, ultrasounds, blood tests, and dental examinations. At the same time, these results will help put the child on the waitlist for liver transplant surgery. Also, a psychological evaluation of the family will be carried out.

Liver transplant surgery is not recommended if the child is suffering from

  • Uncontrollable sepsis
  • Cancer which has spread across the body
  • Cardiac and related issues
  • Other complicated health condition that could worsen after the transplant

During Pediatric liver transplant surgery:

After donor workup, suitability of donor is established. There will be yet another round of diagnostic tests to ensure the blood match between the donor and the recipient.


The pediatric liver transplant surgery is relatively long and is performed by a team of specialist doctors. The team will update the family members on the progress of the transplant at regular intervals.

The child will be shifted to the ICU room for monitoring after the surgery, only to be discharged after a couple of weeks.

Dealing with body’s rejection to the new Liver:

This rejection is normal and well anticipated by the treating liver transplant surgeon. The body’s immune system considers the new liver part as a foreign body. But to avoid that, the child is prescribed anti-rejection medicines, which are also known as immunosuppressants. Also, the child will have to take immunosuppressants for life.

Risk of Infection:

A child with liver transplant surgery is always at risk of contracting infections, especially after the surgery. Doctors recommend avoiding visiting crowded places or getting in touch with an infected person, as high doses of immunosuppressants are prescribed at that time.

The child is at a high risk of contracting infections such as herpes, Thrush or oral yeast infection, respiratory virus, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, to name the main ones. Hence a child is vaccinated prior to undergoing a transplant. Most of the infection risk happens in the first 3 months.


Life after liver transplant

The child has to take immunosuppressants so that the new liver stays healthy and is not attacked by the body’s immune system. Other than small pills, a child will live an absolutely normal life. They will have normal growth and attend school and play with other children just like any normal child of his age. These children have essentially normal life with a healthy liver. As the child grows older, they have to be more aware of how to stay away from infections, symptoms of rejection, and stay healthy.

For critical procedures like these, cases are recommended Transplant in Mumbai as the megacity is equipped with expert surgeons and world- class structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many liver transplants have Dr. Gaurav Gupta performed?

Till date, Dr. Gaurav Gupta has performed more than 500 liver transplants as a Chief Surgeon. He had also operated the first-ever combined Liver Kidney Living Donor Transplant in Mumbai in 2016. He successfully carried out a pediatric liver transplant on a baby weighing 5.3 kg.


Ritesh Jain
Ritesh Jain
Dr Gupta and Swapnil sharma is a very caring and expertise in their field. They are also very supportive and helpful.The whole staff is so good and supportive they helped me a lot. They are God to me I want to thank both the doctors and their complete staff for giving me another life.
Mahalinga Kergal
Mahalinga Kergal
Sir It is my personal experience with Dr. Gupta who has given a new life to my brother Muthayya P Devadiga Ex-employee of Air India in the critical time (Covid 19 pendamic) in the March/April 2020 and recently ( March 2021) has carried out altogether three operations (surgery) successfully and prevented spreading further from cancer. He is a simple human being helped us during lockdown period on our behalf he has discussed with Air India - penal doctor - Dr. Aggraval and got the approval and carried out surgery. His timely help saved the patient life ( Muthayya P Devadiga). He is very kind person and good doctor. I pray almighty God bless him.
Pravin Gorana
Pravin Gorana
I was in my final semester of masters. I was having regular episodes of stomach pain. We consulted Dr. Gaurav Gupta after all the tests and when the reports came seeing all the the complications he guided us the best solution which will benefit me for the rest of life. I underwent surgery 3 months ago and today I m fit and fine doing all my work. He is not only the best liver surgeon but a great human too. He explained several times the consequences of my problem to mom and dad. And today I feel without your guidance sir it wouldn't be possible for us to take this decision. Dr. Gaurav Gupta and his whole team are just the finest doctors we have came across From the decision making of my operation to make me stand after the 1st day of surgery I can't describe it in words. I and my family Would be thankful for the rest of my life.
Bhagyesh Soni
Bhagyesh Soni
Excellent Surgeon...No words can describe their skills...'New life surgeon' word more suitable than liver surgeon.
Jay Brambhatt
Jay Brambhatt
We love the engaged enthusiastic, intelligent, up-to-date management of my situation by Dr. Gaurav Gupta and his team of excellent professionals at Fortis, Mumbai. He is a fountain of information. Just because of him and his staff helping, this onerous process has been bearable to us. Do give him a visit if you are looking for one of the best Liver transplant in Mumbai. Dr. Gaurav Gupta Sir’s nature is very simple and very caring to the patient. Dr. Gaurav Gupta Sir is a very noble surgeon, his personality is very commendable, we appreciate his service. He is one of the best Liver Transplant Surgeon ever.
Sarab Khanna
Sarab Khanna
Dr Gaurav Gupta & Dr Swapnil Sharma are the best liver transplant surgeon, yesterday it was one year of completing my dads liver transplant surgery. Dr Gaurav Gupta is extremely professional and had deep knowledge of the case. His team is also very professional as they guided us regarding the process and surgery. After undergoing surgery, the outcome is very good and we are very happy with the results.
Juili Shinde
Juili Shinde
Dr. Gaurav Gupta sir, Dr. Swapnil Sharma sir and their whole team of doctors and health care workers in Fortis hospital, Mulund provided us the best treatment and a reliable service. Such an expertise, be it clinical or hospitality is always recommendable and preferable. A huge gratitude towards the whole team.
Pravin Hatage
Pravin Hatage
They only post few successful operations. They don't post their failures.Be aware. Anyone living donour planning for transplant please contact me before.