I have had high chronic liver enzymes for the past 10 years, and in this time i visited several doctors, some of them diagnosed my condition to be gilbert syndrome. My bilurbin range is 2 to 5 as both direct and indirect, whereas elevated Alt range is 60 to 100, and my Alp remains within the normal range. Hcv pcr is negative, hbv is also negative, wilson disease is negative, and no hemochromatiis has been detected. I had got my ultrasound done in January this year (2021), everything was normal then and my mrcp was fine too. For the past few months my upper right part of the abdomen has been aching, but that happens only when i walk, otherwise i don’t experience any pain at all. Can i know what is the cause of high alt and bilurbin? Do i have some issue related to liver or is it something else?

Answer: Gilbert syndrome does not generally cause high Liver enzymes (AST and ALT), it can cause a rise in bilirubin. Secondly, Gilbert syndrome causes only indirect bilirubin to be high and it doesn’t cause pain in the abdomen. Some of ur symptoms don’t match with Gilbert syndrome. Any rise in liver enzymes needs to be thoroughly evaluated. I will suggest you to consult a liver specialist and get evaluated.